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Erlanger Tumble Classes

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Our Tumble Classes Here In Erlanger Has Something For All Ages And Abilities

Join us here at Premier Athletics - NKY and treat your child to the incredible world of Tumble Classes today! This action-packed system is designed to build young athletes up and introduce them to lifelong values like hard work and perseverance. All experience levels are welcome.

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The Tumble Classes is an awesome opportunity for students from all across Erlanger to stay active, challenge themselves, and face life with more confidence than ever before. We work hard to maintain a safe environment where every student can have fun and feel great about themselves along the way. 

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What's Included In The Premier Tumble Classes?

The Tumble Classes here at Premier Athletics - NKY is all about making fitness fun and exciting for all ages. But we're also working hard to use that fun and excitement as a vehicle for development in all aspects of life - and we can't wait for your child to be next.

Our goal from day one in this system is to challenge students and help them learn something new every day. We offer professional instruction and a safe, supportive environment where students can feel great about themselves. Our class progressions include:

Intro to Tumbling: This will be the first stop for an athlete that has no previous experience in a tumbling class or who may still need to master the fundamental skills of tumbling. These athletes will be working on skills such as, bridges, handstands, handstand to bridge with assistance, forward and backward rolls, cartwheel with straight legs, etc.

Basics Tumbling: This class is designed for the athletes who have already mastered the required skills in the Intro to Tumbling class. In this level students will be working on handstand to bridge, bridge kickover/ back walkover, front limber/front walkover, back extension rolls, round-offs with hollow body and the mechanics of a back handspring.

Intermediate Tumbling: This class is perfect for the students who already have a strong fundamental foundation. With good technique, they can perform the previously mentioned skills and are ready to safely progress to a back handspring. They will work on running back handsprings as well as standing.

Advanced Tumbling: These athletes can safely perform a running and standing back handspring without assistance. They can demonstrate these skills using proper technique and are ready to advance into series back handsprings. In this level students will be working on standing and running series back handpsprings. They will work on different approaches into their round-offs as well as adding rebounds after their back handpsprings. They will also begin introducing tuck drills to prepare for the next level.

Excel Tumbling: This level is for the athletes working on their back tucks. These students can safely perform a standing and running back handspring series without assistance. They have been introduced to back tuck drills and are ready to start performing them with assistance. This level will work on Standing and running back tucks, front punch, and series back handsprings to back tuck. They may also begin layout drills with assistance.

Superior/Elite Tumbling: This class level is reserved for our more advanced tumblers. These athletes can safely perform back tucks without assistance and have begun working on layouts. This level will work standing and running layout passes, elite combinations passes, twisting skills and beyond.

PLUS, The Tumble Classes Can Help Students Develop Valuable Life Skills

We know how much young students love nailing a new move or taking on an exciting combination. But we also know that they'll need a whole lot more than just physical tools to find success in life. 

That's why our Tumble Classes here at Premier Athletics - NKY focuses on character development day in and day out. We offer a 9:1 student-teacher ratio that allows your child to take on individualized instruction and focus on the skills they care about most.

We're proud to set students from all across Erlanger up for success with tools like:

  • Respect and discipline
  • Courage and perseverance
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Unwavering self-confidence

Learn More About Our Incredible Tumble Classes Here In Erlanger!

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer here at Premier Athletics - NKY. We are working hard to help students all across our community thrive and our Tumble Classes is the perfect way to do just that. We're combining physical growth, emotional development, and mental discipline into one action-packed system. 

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Join Us Today For The Best Gymnastics And Tumble Training In Town!

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